Top 10 Benefits of Karate for Preschoolers

Because it is a sport focused on step-by-step progression, from the ground up, karate often proves an ideal starting point for children as young as preschool age. Like gymnastics or dance, karate classes aimed toward young children start with the basics and build their way ...Read More

The Best MMA Diet Plan for You in 2018

The famous saying, “you are what you eat,” isn’t so popular because it isn’t true. In fact, the saying could not be more accurate and it crucial when you train hard. In order to gain muscle and become strong and lean, following a proper ...Read More

Which Nationwide Gyms in the U.S. Offer Martial Arts?

Although there are still many unique schools for the martial arts, many students can find classes in their regular gyms. Some nationwide gym chains offer diverse classes and training to attract a larger customer base, and it isn’t too difficult to find a nationwide ...Read More

What is Martial Arts Good For?

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Best Muay Thai Camp in Thailand for Beginners

While there are plenty of amazing gyms and camps around the world, many martial arts have specific, regional roots. In the case of Muay Thai, those roots trace back to Thailand, where they are still growing strong. Many dedicated Muay Thai enthusiasts and competitors ...Read More

What is the Best Self Defense Martial Arts Form?

Martial arts provide many benefits to students. The martial arts improve physical and mental health. They also promote discipline and regular practice. Serious students develop improved strength, flexibility, and stamina. These are all excellent reasons to begin training, but they aren’t the primary reason students choose ...Read More