Best Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

Best Muay Thai Gyms in SingaporeMuay Thai originated in Thailand, but the martial art is a favorite discipline in many other countries, including nearby Singapore. While the Singapore Muay Thai gym experience is different than Thailand’s Muay Thai camps, they have some of the best programs in the world.

In Singapore, you can find a huge variety of gyms, ranging from those with their own private juice bars to small, basic gyms that emphasize tradition over championship fights. Whatever training style you prefer, you can find it here. Many gyms provide classes for multiple martial arts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these gyms have lesser Muay Thai programs. Consider what you want to achieve before picking a potential gym.

Singapore’s Muay Thai Gyms

Evolve MMA

If you’re looking for an internationally recognized gym, you should check out Evolve MMA. Despite the name, this gym offers classes for a number of different martial arts disciplines. While many students choose to study more than one martial art in an effort to develop true MMA mastery, Singapore’s branch of Evolve also has a great Muay Thai program. Evolve’s Muay Thai instructors include a small host of world champions in addition to regional champions to guide students to a better understanding of this martial art.

Evolve has the largest Muay Thai program of any gym and the most world champions on staff. The gym offers classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, and the gym’s official Muay Thai team. Evolve takes pride in its range of programs, and insist that potential students do not need experience or specific fitness level before beginning training.

While there is no lodging onsite, the gym has a separate Muay Thai training area and more amenities than you’d believe. You can even hit the gym’s juice and protein shake bar after a class. Even though Evolve does not provide lodging, it is one of the most recognized gyms in the world, let alone Singapore, and there is plenty of nearby lodging and transportation. Rather than investing in dormitories, Evolve focuses on providing the best training experience possible.


  • Internationally recognized gym
  • Used to visiting students
  • Most Muay Thai champions on staff of any gym
  • No previous training or fitness level required
  • Showers and lockers
  • Many, many amenities


  • Not dedicated to Muay Thai
  • Potentially less traditional than small gyms
  • Lots of distractions

Chowraiooi Muay Thai

Best Muay Thai Gyms in SingaporeDedicated exclusively to Muay Thai, this gym is linked to a sister gym in Thailand. This root in traditional Muay thai influences everything about Chowraiooi. Unlike Evolve, the gym doesn’t aim to cater to Western tastes, and apart from lockers and showers, everything in Chowraiooi gym is meant for practice.

The gym has a ring, bags, and a serious coach with strong credentials. All students and fighters of any level of fitness are welcome, but the official website suggests that this is a gym for those looking to keep fit rather than get fit. This traditional setting helps serious Muay Thai enthusiasts block out distractions, but newer students, especially from other parts of the world, may struggle.

Chowraiooi offers no lodging options, but that isn’t unusual for Singapore gyms. Students can easily find accommodation in the surrounding area. It’s possible to even find lodging within walking distance of the gym.


  • Dedicated entirely to Muay Thai
  • Showers and Lockers
  • Ring
  • Traditional approach
  • Few distractions


  • Although there are no official requirements, it appears some level of fitness is expected
  • Very simple

Transcendence MMA

Best Muay Thai Gyms in SingaporeAnother MMA gym, Transcendence offers separate Muay Thai classes throughout the week, although they clearly aim to develop students into well-rounded masters of mixed martial arts. If you want to investigate MMA through various traditional martial arts, Transcendence may be the best place to do so. Relatively small with a focus on mental and physical discipline, Transcendence teaches MMA like a traditional martial art rather than a spectator sport. The gym is straightforward, simple, and offers no lodging. They have showers and cubby holes for storage, two training halls, and nothing else. The gym doesn’t go into details about equipment. They don’t appear to have a training ring.


  • Focus on discipline
  • Train from traditional standpoint
  • Showers and cubbies
  • Simple


  • Not dedicated to Muay Thai
  • No separate training area
  • Possibly no training ring
  • Practice training techniques better suited to long term rather than visiting students

Fight G

Best Muay Thai Gyms in SingaporeYet another Mixed Martial Arts gym, Fight G offers a wide selection of training courses for different disciplines. They have a wide range of equipment, including a ring, although there isn’t a separate Muay Thai section. Fight G has showers and lockers onsite.

Like every other gym on this list, Fight G offers no lodging for students, but the gym is easily accessible. Nearby lodging at various rates provides plenty of options for visiting students. If you choose to stay in a different part of Singapore, you can still easily reach the gym via public transportation. Several parking lots in the area also allow students to commute.


  • Easily accessible
  • Showers and lockers
  • Parking
  • Ring


  • No separate Muay Thai training area
  • Not dedicated to Muay Thai

Final Thoughts

Your needs define your ideal gym. Singapore has lots of great options, but you need to know what you want before you choose between them. Do you want something simple and traditional, or are you looking for a more Western experience with lots of amenities? If you’re looking for a big gym with lots of excellent teachers and plenty of other students, you should consider Evolve or Chowraiooi Muay Thai. Evolve is better for those who plan to spend lots of time at the gym and could use things like the student lounge and juice bar. On the other hand, Chowraiooi is the only gym on our list that dedicates all training to Muay Thai. It is far simpler, however, and you won’t need or want to spend time there outside of classes and gym time. Your decision depends entirely on what you want out of your Muay Thai gym experience.

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