What are the Best Muay Thai Gloves?

Straight outta Thailand, Muay Thai (or simply Thai Boxing) is an intense full contact sport that requires use of yours fists, elbows, knees, feet, and shins.   There is no groundwork (i.e. wrestling), but there are a lot of grabs and some throws involved.  Therefore, although you may think Muay Thai gloves are basically the same as traditional boxing gloves, there are some slight, important differences.

Before we get into the details, check out the top 5 gloves available today:

ProductColorSizeOur Rating 
Twins Special
Twins Special Muay Thai Training Gloves
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow8 - 18oz
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RDX Maya Hide Leather
RDX Maya Hide Leather Muay Thai Gloves
Blue, Red10 - 12oz
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Top King
Top King Muay Thai Gloves
Multi8 - 18oz
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Fairtex BGV1
Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Gloves
Black, Blue/White, Pink, Black/White, White/Black10 - 16oz
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Windy Thai
Windy Thai Training Gloves
Black, Red, Pink12 - 18oz
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Differences between Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves

The main difference is that Muay Thai gloves are more flexible than traditional boxing glvoes.  The extra flexibility allows you to grip and grab your opponent more easily, which is an important aspect of Muay Thai fights.  The thumb is also sometimes positioned differently from boxing gloves, which further allows you to grab your opponent more easily.  From a strictly outward appearance, Muay Thai gloves are also a bit more ‘square’ looking, while boxing gloves are more round.

If you are seriously training for Muay Thai then it is highly advisable that you invest in gloves specifically made for Muay Thai.  Certain strikes like the knee strikes may require you to grab opponents and using a boxing glove will negate this ability as it does not allow you to fully open your hands.  If you are just training casually, or for exercise, then regular boxing gloves can generally be used without much problem.

There are several factors that you should be aware of when choosing the right Muay Thai gloves. Depending on the activity, you will need different types of Muay Thai gloves to gain the maximum results.

Fighting Gloves – These are lighter and more flexible. As the name suggest, these are best used when in a match.

Training Gloves – These are slightly heavier which means more padding and increased protection to help prevent injuries when training.  These are usually all purpose type gloves, and can be used for bag work, mitts, and sparring.

Bag Gloves – These are specifically used for practicing combinations on heavy bags. It has increased padding on the front end for added protection so that you can hit the bag or mitts as strong as you can. There are also lighter bag gloves that are used with speed bags.

Now that you have the basics of Muay Thai gloves down, it is time to check out the best Muay Thai gloves on the market today.

The 5 Best Muay Thai Gloves

This list only includes gloves that were strictly designed for Muay Thai, not boxing or general MMA.  We have compiled the list based on customer reviews and through our own experience.

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Gloves Review

fairtex are the best muay thai gloves in blue white red thai flag colorFairtex is easily the most well known and recognized brand in the sport, and produce all of their gloves in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai.   The classically designed “BGV1” is an all purpose glove, meaning it can be used for sparring, bag work, etc.  It is Fairtex’s is most popular / highest rated glove, and for good reason.  The BGV1 is constructed out of extremely high quality, durable, genuine leather which can take a beating and will last you YEARS before wearing down.  The inner part of the glove uses Fairtex’s signature triple layer foam/padding system that will protect your hands and knuckles everytime you hit a target.  Maybe the best part of the glove though is its beyond excellent wrist support, and velcro closure.  The velcro grip is almost ridiculously strong, and will never loosen or fall off during training.

Depending on your style, the only possible downside of the BGV1 is that they are extremely compact and tight fitting.  They also take a little bit of time to break in (most good gloves do). This may be a major downside for those with huge, chunky hands, but for most fighters, it is not much of a problem.

Overall, the Fairtex BGV1s are simply the best Muay Thai gloves available today.  They come in sizes of 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 ounces, and a variety of awesome colorways (yellow, green, brown, black, USA flag, Thai flag, etc.).  For a nominal price, they are also extremely good value.  If you are a serious Muay Thai fighter, then make sure you pick up your own today!

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai gloves on Amazon.com

Twins Special Muay Thai Training Gloves Review

twins special training gloves are very good muay thai glovesTwins Special is another well renowned brand in the Muay Thai world.   They produce high quality, hand made gloves (and other equipment); all made in Thailand.  These Muay Thai training gloves are constructed using 100% cowhide leather, and are a prime example of Twins superb build quality.   The hook and loop (aka velcro) wrist closure is easy to use, and offers excellent wrist support.  The inner part of the glove with satin nylon liner inside to help prevent moisture build up.

These gloves are perfect for all types of training: bag work, mitt work, and sparring.  They are available in a huge range of sizes (8 oz. – 18 oz.), so you can get a couple different pairs for different needs.  They are also available in multiple colors (black, green, orange, blue, pink, white, yellow, brown), so you can pick one that matches your style.

One possible downside of these Twins Special gloves is that they are a bit bigger / wider than other gloves.  If you prefer very compact gloves, then they may not be for you.  Other than that, these are easily some of the best Muay Thai training gloves available!  They are well worth the price!

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Twins Special Muay Thai training gloves on Amazon.com


Top King Muay Thai Gloves Review

top king muay thai glovesTop King is another great Muay Thai company based right in Thailand.  These extremely durable training gloves can be used for practice, bagwork, sparring, etc.  The insides are constructed using a special multi-layered foam that offer some of the best levels of protection on the market today.  You won’t need to worry about damaging your hands when using these gloves.  There is also great ventilation so your hands will stay cool and try during training.   Less sweaty hands also means less stinky gloves!

One strange point about these gloves from Top King is the extra long wrists.  They extend all the way up your forearm, which can feel quite strange the first time around.  Because of this though, these gloves have amazing wrist support.  There is even some extra padding inserted on wrist for more protection.

The gloves are also very stiff at first (most gloves are), and may feel a bit small, but if you take some time to break them in, your hands will get used to them, and they will feel amazing!

The Top King Muay Thai Gloves are available in multiple unique colorways, and come in all basic sizes (8oz. – 18oz.).  If you are looking for training gloves with fantastic padding and wrist support, then you should definitely consider Top King.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Top King Muay Thai gloves on Amazon.com


Windy Thai Training Gloves Review

windy muay thai training glovesWindy is another smaller, but well established boxing brand based out of Thailand.  Similar to the above competitors, these classically designed Muay Thai training gloves are hand made with 100% leather, and will last you years before breaking down.  The dense, multi layer foam padding offers maximum protection to your hands, and is especially great for blocking attacks.  There is also some padding on the palms to protect your hand when catching kicks.

The gloves fit snugly, and are great for people with larger hands. If you have very small hands, then you may need to put some extra wraps on.

Like most gloves, these can feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable at first, but after breaking them in they will conform to your hands and feel great.  If you have large hands, and want to go for that classic look, then the Windy Thai Training Gloves may be the best Muay Thai gloves for you.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Windy Thai training gloves on Amazon.com


RDX Maya Hide Leather Muay Thai Gloves Review

rdx maya hide leather muay thai glovesJust starting out, and looking for something a bit more budget friendly?  Then these solid gloves from RDX Sports will do the trick.   They are a much cheaper alternative to the choices above, which are meant for more serious Muay Thai practitioners. These gloves are constructed using a synthetic, faux leather (a.ka. “Maya Leather”), but still offer great padding to protect your hands, as well as ventilation to keep your hands cool.  They also have a solid velcro wrist closure system.

These RDX gloves are perfect for complete beginners, or people just looking to do some fitness training.  They can be used for light bag / pad work, and possible some very casual sparring.  Of course, they are not comparable to the higher end, more authentic Muay Thai gloves, so the material, and overall stitching is of lower quality.

The RDX Maya Hide Gloves are available in blue or red, and sizes 10 oz., 12 oz., and 14 oz.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the RDX Maya Hide Leather Muay Thai gloves on Amazon.com

Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out in Muay Thai, or casually learning, then you can probably get away with a pair of regular boxing gloves.  But, if you want to be a serious practitioner of Thai boxing, then you should definitely invest in a pair of the best Muay Thai gloves! Be sure to check out more of our reviews at FightGearGeeks.com

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