What are the Best MMA Shorts?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a tough sport for your body and your gear. You shorts are no exception. If you are just starting out you could probably get away with training in a pair of normal gym shorts. They won’t last very long though. When they tear apart, you will want to invest in a pair of high quality MMA shorts. When shopping for the best MMA shorts look out for these features and qualities:

  • MMA shorts should have no outside drawstrings, pockets or loops. These are all dangerous for you and your training partner or opponent.
  • Elasticity – Make sure that the groin area especially, is very elastic and allows room for movement. You need room when you are executing a high kick or using your legs to grapple.
  • A waist-tightening system that will keep the shorts secure around your waist no matter what.
  • The best MMA shorts will have a drawstring on the inside of the waistband and a Velcro fly.

Most professional gyms and trainers will insist on you wearing the proper MMA shorts for training and they are compulsory for tournaments.

The Five Best MMA Shorts

Jaco Resurgence MMA Men’s Fight Shorts Review

These shorts are made from ultra-durable STR-XTM fabric which meets all the technical requirements for MMA. They are comfortable; provide great moisture wicking, breathability and elasticity thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric.

The compression waist-tightening system (patent-pending)is comfortable, yet provides a secure fit that does not slip or cause any bunching.

You get easy access to your mouth guard thanks to an inner elastic pocket at the bottom of the shorts. No need to take off your gloves to get at it. The fly is a hook and loop system. A backing panel prevents chafing and rubbing. The shorts are 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Maybe the best part of these high quality MMA shorts from Jaco is the amazing value — you can pick up your own pair for a cheap price!

jaco resurgence mma shorts review

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Venum Amazonia 4.0 MMA Fight Shorts Review

Highly technical, these shorts from Venum meet the most stringent of requirements for MMA combat gear. They are ultra-comfortable thanks to the microfiber material and side slits that allow for uninhibited  movement in even the most strenuous positions. The waistband has a Velcro closure and a drawstring, which ensures a perfect non-slip, fit.

They not only feel great, but also look amazing!  You definitely stand out from the crowd, and not be disappointed with your purchase of these MMA shorts.

venum amazonia 4 review

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Hayabusa Chikara Fight Shorts Review

These shorts from world renowned Hayabusa, are the height of performance and technical innovation. The advanced tie system has a webbed backing for a custom fit. The design on these shorts won’t wear off since they are fused with the fibers of the Mechanical PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric. The stitching is T3 reinforced and won’t tear or rip. The waistband is comfortable and secure thanks to the special GuardlockTM system.

The durable constructing and exceptionally versatile material will not hinder any moves you execute, no matter how complex. Whether you just dabble in MMA for fitness or you are a professional fighter, the Hyabusa ChikaraTM fight shorts are, in our opinion, the best MMA shorts money can buy.  Additionally, for just the price they are listed at, they won’t break the bank.

hayabusa chikara shorts review

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Hayabusa MMA Alistair Overeem Signature Fight Shorts Review

Another excellent option from Hayabusa, are the Hayabusa Alistair Overeem Signature Fight Shorts. Like their counterparts above they feature the PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric, the special Guardlock waistband system, the ProPerformance stretch panels and the Reinforced T3 stitching for unsurpassed quality, durability and technical ability.

If you didn’t guess, these shorts were designed for pro MMA fighter Alistair Overeem.

hayabusa offical mma alistair mma shorts

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Bad Boy Legacy II Shorts – Black/Black Review

The Bad Boy brand are no strangers to the ring and they bring their Legacy II shorts to the fight with great pride. It is no surprise that the Legacy II made our list of best MMA shorts.

With a combat cut waistband these MMA shorts fit securely and comfortably so you can be confident they will stay in place for the long haul.

The Vastk charcoaled bamboo fibers assist in retaining heat to promote intramuscular vascular blood flow. The shorts can stretch easily in any direction thanks to the 4D material. They have a redesigned closure system for maximum comfort and safety. The side seams are reinforced and there is an enclosed mouth guard pocket.

bad boy legacy 2 shorts

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Now you can go ahead and ditch the old gym shorts. That is if they haven’t given up the fight yet. Take your pick from out selection of the best MMA shorts and start training and fighting with confidence.

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