The Best MMA Gloves of 2018

hayabusa Ikusa are the best mma glovesMMA has gained popularity over the last few years, mainly thanks to the UFC. Fights are broadcasted on popular sports channels and huge tournaments attract major sponsors and prize money. If you are serious about competing you need the right equipment to train and fight with. MMA does not require much in the way of equipment; your gloves are your most important investment. They have to protect both you and your training partner or opponent.

When picking the best MMA gloves look out for the following:

  • A double stitch for durability
  • A knuckle guard that will absorb the shock of punches
  • A sturdy wrist support
  • A flexible and durable palm guard as your palm stretches sideways when you hit with it

There are different MMA gloves for different applications. Make sure you buy the right gloves for the right thing, if you don’t you could end up injuring yourself or your training partner. Below are the top 5 best gloves available today:

ProductColorSizeOur Rating 
Combat Sports MMA
Combat Sports MMA Sparring Gloves
BlackRegular, Large, X-Large
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TITLE Wristwrap
TITLE Wristwrap Leather Heavy Bag Gloves
BlackRegular, Large
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Hayabusa Ikusa
Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves
Black, White, Black/Purple, White/Purple, White/GreySmall, Large, X-Large
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Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid
Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Glove
Black, WhiteLarge, X-Large
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There are four categories of MMA gloves:

  1. Sparring Gloves – Make absolutely sure your gloves are suited to sparring. These gloves are more padded than other gloves and will protect both you and your sparring partner.
  2. Boxing/Bag Gloves – You will strike heavy bags and firm strike pads during training. Bag gloves have heavier and denser foam padding and increased wrist support. Also look for gloves with a grip bar inside for extra stability. Never use these for sparring as they will seriously injure your sparring partner.
  3. Fight Gloves – These usually weigh around 4 ounces or less and have minimal padding. Verify with your fight organization what is allowed before the competition. You should use MMA hand wraps with these gloves to protect you since there is no padding on fight gloves. The last thing you want is to be off fighting for months with a serious hand injury.
  4. Grappling / Training Gloves – For grappling practice, you want a light glove that lets you use your entire hand and thumbs. Normal fight gloves, MMA sparring gloves, and general training gloves can all be used for grappling.

You can buy hybrid gloves or use the same gloves for different applications, but as a serious athlete it is always better to invest in the right equipment for each aspect of the sport you participate in.

What are the Best MMA Gloves?

Let’s have a look at the best MMA gloves on the market for each of these categories:

Our 5 Recommendations

Combat Sports MMA Sparring Gloves

best mma gloves combat sports mma sparring glovesCategory: Sparring / Grappling 

These gloves from fight gear specialists Combat Sports are heavily padded with four layers of foam. They will disperse shock on impact comparatively to a pair of 16-ounce boxing gloves. The synthetic leather construction is very durable and will hold up to continuous use. Their design also allows for grappling and striking in the same training/sparring session. They are available in three size options: Regular (6 oz.), Large (6.5 oz.) and XL (7 oz.), as well as in four colors (black, blue, red, white).

The gloves come a bit stiff when you first get them, so make sure you break them in a bit before sparring.  At a competitive price, these are some of the best MMA gloves available if you are just starting out.

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TITLE Wristwrap Leather Heavy Bag Gloves

title wristrap leather heavy bag gloves mmaCategory:  Bag

This MMA bag glove from TITLE offers excellent wrist support thanks  in part to the full wrap around wrist strap.  It is made with a 100% all leather cover for maximum durability, and features 0.75 inches of shock absorbant foam to protect your hands from injury. The palms are made of a nylon mesh material so your hands can breathe and stay cool during training.

For long sessions on a heavy bag these are definitely some of the best MMA gloves. They’ll protect your hands and allow you to practice your full range of strikes. For intense sessions, you should definitely use hands wraps for extra protection.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Title Wristwrap Leather Heavy Bag gloves on

Also check out: Title MMA Gel Bag Gloves here, Combat Sports MMA Bag Gloves.

UFC Practice Gloves

UFC practice glove best mma glovesCategory – Grappling / General Training

The official UFC Practice Glove is the perfect glove for all-around general MMA training — grappling, striking, etc.  They offer excellent wrist support for punching, and padding for your knuckles.

The material is a bit cheap though, and stitching is a bit weak.  These are meant more for beginners, or those who train for fun.  Serious fighters will want a much higher quality glove (e.g. see Hayabus Ikusa below)

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Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves

hayabusa Ikusa best mma glovesCategory: Fight

Hayabusa only makes gear for serious martial artists, and sponsors top fighters like Geroges St-Pierre, Marcus Almeida,and Anthony Pettis.

The Hyabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves, at 4 oz., are official regulation weight MMA gloves. Ultimate stability and responsiveness is delivered via their Y-Volar design by keeping the glove tight to the hand. The patented Dual-X Wrist Closure offers the superb wrist support for so you can strike with 100% power.

The inside of the glove has moisture wicking lining, to keep your hands cool, and to prevent it from shifting during fights.

If you are looking for a serious fight glove, then the Hayabusa Ikusa are the best MMA gloves available.  Available in black or white.

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Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Gloves

hayabusa ikusa hybrid gloves whiteCategory:  All (training)

If you don’t feel like buying multiple gloves for training, then you should consider these 7oz. Hybrid Gloves from Hayabusa.

They use the same Dual-X wrist support system as the fight gloves, and are made from high quality synthetic leather with moisture wicking interior for the perfect fit and feel. They are versatile and can be used for all types of training (sparring, striking, bag work, grappling, etc.)

If you want to go with a hybrid glove for training instead of specific gloves best suited to each application, these gloves will serve you well over time. They are padded enough for light sparring, offer enough support for moderate bag use and are flexible enough for grappling.  Available in black or white.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are just starting out in MMA or have been at it for a while, make sure you have the best MMA gloves for each training area or for professional fights. As we’ve already stated, protecting your hands, and your sparring buddy’s face, are key.


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