Best Jump Rope for Boxing in 2018: Reviews and Information

Fitness Master Jump Rope Training in boxing is not just about swinging your fist as hard and as fast as you can, there are also various factors to be included in order to fully prepare your body for a match. Even for those who are just training in boxing to stay fit there are several factors to consider and not every workout will focus on your arms. One of the best workouts boxers perform is by the use of the best jump rope for boxing.

This helps strengthen their leg muscles as well as enhance their balance. We will list the best jump rope for boxing below but first let us take a look at how using a jump rope benefits your training.

1. Improves Foot Work

Ask any boxer and they will tell you that a strong punch does not rely on arms alone. It is all about having a solid base and strong legs. This will allow you to throw more precise and crisp punches. By using jump ropes and using it at a fast pace you will be able to strengthen your base which will then allow you to move your feet quicker.

2. Increases your Timing

The repetitive actions when using jump ropes not only help you strengthen your base but also increase your timing. The more you use the jump rope the better you get at timing your skips and jumps, the faster you are able to jump rope the better your overall reflex and timing gets. Experienced and skilled boxers will be able to jump rope with ease at high speeds showing their enhanced muscle memory.

3. Enhanced your Conditioning

Jump ropes can help you build up your stamina and prevent you from tiring quickly. The quick movements you do when using a jump rope will quickly tire you out but that is the point, by using jump ropes daily you will steadily increase your stamina and by the time you notice you will be able to jump rope for longer durations. Muhammad Ali for instance was known to do extremely fast pace jump rope workouts for 20 minute straight without tiring.

The Best Jump Rope for Boxing – Top 5

Kinzi Jump Rope Review

This jump rope is simple and durable. It focuses on giving a high quality performance for the trainee and comfort with the help of the padded grips. You can also adjust the length of the rope via the removable caps on the grip.

It comes with its own pouch making for easy storage when not in use. The durable 3M PVC rubber rope also feels extremely sturdy.

The speed ball bearing on the grips allow for smooth and quick rotations. This one is a serious jump rope for serious individuals and also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kinzi Jump Rope

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Master of Muscle Jump Rope Review

This is another easy to use, heavy duty jumping rope designed for athletes by athletes. It can easily be adjusted to ideal length and the grip is quite comfortable. The rope also does not tangle easily and spinning it around feels smooth and fluid.

It is also one of the more affordable ones in the market and also comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also lightweight and will not strain your arms as easily as other heavier jump ropes. However, it is important to note that the rope coil can be damaged if you use it over rough concrete. By simply adjusting the length and making sure the surface area you are using it on is smooth you can help prevent the rope from getting chipped.

Master of Muscle Jump Rope

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Fitness Master Jump Rope Review

The Fitness Master Jump Rope is a perfect tool for increasing your cardio. It is a lightweight jump rope that is also quite easy to store wherever and whenever you please. It features a grip that rotates in accordance to the rope to give you easier and faster rotations.

This is ideal for everyone whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. This jump rope is also designed to be incorporated in speed exercises and cross fit workout.

It comes at a length of 9 feet long and can easily be adjusted and cut. The construction and material of the rope also helps prevent it from getting tangled. The product comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Fitness Master Jump Rope

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King Athletic Jump Rope Review

This high quality jump rope is not your typical jump rope found in grade school gym. These are durable, lightweight and flexible jump ropes built for speed.

King Athletic Jump Rope is one of the fastest jump rope you can use for your cardio training and it will maintain stability and fluidity throughout your workout routine.

It won’t tangle and the grips are also designed for optimum comfort and won’t cause blisters.

King Athletic Jump Rope

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Vegeta Fitness Jump Rope Review

Why is it named Vegeta Fitness? Is it a reference to the Japanese animation fictional character known for his intense training and even stronger will to succeed? If it is, then this would probably be a jump rope he would use. The jump rope is easily adjustable to your ideal size.

It is also quite lightweight and the speed of rotation is exceptionally great. This is one top of the line jump rope that a certain Saiyan might use for his insane training.

Vegeta Fitness Jump Rope

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Final Thoughts

Those are the best jump rope for boxing based on customer sentiment. Jump ropes are among the simplest workout equipments around but they are by far one of the more difficult to master but also one that offers amazing benefits.

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