What is the Best Heavy Bag?

century hydrocore heavy bagThe heavy bag is an integral part of any fighter’s training. Even if you are just trying to keep fit and blow off some steam, a heavy bag is the right piece of equipment. When selecting the best heavy bag for you there are a few things to consider:

  • Weight – a general guide is to get a bag that is approximately half of your own weight
  • Filler material – the most common fillers used are water, sand, compressed fabric or fibers. Some manufactures use a combination of these to maximize the advantages and minimize the drawbacks of each.
  • Outer cover – more traditional fighters may prefer leather, but vinyl bags are often much cheaper and are very durable. Canvas bags are the cheapest of the lot and have the advantage of handling adverse weather conditions better if your bag is outside. However, they can be a bit rough on your hands if you are going bare knuckle.

Taking these three considerations into account we’ve put together five heavy bags worth taking a look at.

Best Heavy Bag – 5 Recommendations

TITLE Synthetic Leather Heavybag Review

title heavy bagTITLE is a brand synonymous with boxing and well known for quality products. This synthetic leather bag is a cheaper alternative to leather, yet this heavy bag offers a great feel and outstanding durability. It has an outer foam cover to cushion the blows before you hit the harder filler. The D-ring at the bottom lets you tie down the bag for extra stability in case your punches are a little too powerful.  At 70 lbs. it is suitable for guys weighing around 150 lbs. – 160 lbs., but using the D-ring you can easily use it even if you weigh 20 lbs. more.

If you are just starting out, this is one of the best heavy bag options for you.  It is also one of the cheaper options available.

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Century Hydrocore Heavy Bag (Large) Review

century hydrocore heavy bagFeaturing a water filled core, this bag from Century promises a superb and realistic feel when punched and it delivers on that promise. It’s available in both a 70 lbs. and 100 lbs. weight. The four web straps supporting the steel chain make for solid hanging and it has a tie down strap at the bottom to minimize swing. This is probably only needed on the 70 lbs. version.

Note though that you need to get your own tie-downs. The bag is made from durable vinyl and has a 3 inch foam outer cover enclosing the water core. It is simple to empty and refill so you can move it around if you need to.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional sand bags, then make sure you check out the Century Hydrocore!

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Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag Review

everlast 100 pound c3 foam best heavy bagAny search for boxing equipment is bound to result in Everlast coming up time and time again. It is probably the most famous boxing equipment brand on the market and was sure to make our list of best heavy bags. The 100 lbs. C3 foam heavy bag is packed with features making it a top quality bag. Starting from the outside in; it has Contoured Closed Cell Foam technology (C3), a combination of natural and synthetic filler mixed with filtered sand that gives the bag a very consistent feel all over. Unlike some standard sand bags, the filler won’t settle at the bottom and leave the upper half of the bag soft. The shell is made from Polycanvas and has a strong webbing system with heavy-duty nylon straps and double end loops for secure hanging. Note that the straps are not adjustable so if you are using a bag stand measure carefully.

If you are looking for one of the best heavy bags on the market, you can’t go wrong with the Everlast C3!

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TITLE LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag Review

title liquishock foam and water best heavy bagAnother entry from boxing equipment powerhouse, Title, this water-filled bag comes in weights of 100 lbs., 140 lbs., and 180 lbs. The bladder is a triple welded TPU urethane and comes with a 10 year warranty. It is wrapped in a 3 inch medium to high density foam and offers excellent shock absorption and a very realistic feel to your punches. The bag is equally dense all round and very steady even under the hardest of blows. The vinyl coated poly canvas outer has poly-propylene webbing at the bottom and straps for extra durability. The filling nozzle is male, so you will need a female fitting for your garden hose to fill it.  The LiquiShock is a little more pricey, but is easily one of the best heavy bags on the market.

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Contender Fight Sports Leather Heavy Bag

contender fight sports leather heavy bagThis bag has a real leather shell and feels fantastic when you strike it. Of course the leather will also ensure longevity. It comes in 70 lbs., 100 lbs., and 150 lbs. weights and includes the chain and swivel for mounting. Your punches are cushioned by the high density wrapping. The filler does tend to settle at the bottom a bit, but this is easily fixed by taking it down and rolling it around a bit. If you are looking for a real leather heavy bag, then this is the one for you!

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Whatever your preference of material, filler or weight any one of these bags are deserving of making our list of best heavy bag and will provide you with countless hours of rewarding training.

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