What are the Best Boxing Shoes?

adidas box hog 2 best boxing shoesWhen you are  just training, you can effectively you can wear any soft-soled athletic shoes for boxing. They’ll work fine if you’re just throwing a few punches with a friend or are starting out in boxing. However, as you progress, and enter the ring for sparring/fights, you’ll probably want to invest in pair of boxing shoes. The best boxing shoes have the benefit of allowing your feet to move easily across the ring’s surface; they are light, yet support your ankles and they allow your feet to breathe.  Many gyms also do not allow you to wear normal sneakers in the ring, as you will mark/scuff up the surface.

Here are the top 5 shoes available in the market today:

ProductColorSizeOur Rating 
Title Hi-Top
Title Hi-Top Boxing Boots
Black, Red, Blue, White6 to 13
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Adidas Combat Speed III
Adidas Combat Speed III Wrestling/Boxing Shoes
White/Black/Radiant Red8.5
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Adidas Combat Speed 4
ADIDAS Combat Speed 4 Wresting/Boxing Shoe
Multi1.5 to 16
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RINGSIDE Undefeated
RINGSIDE Undefeated Boxing Shoes
Black, White2 to 13
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ASICS Split Second 9
ASICS Split Second 9 Wresting Shoe
Multi6.5 to 18
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Factors to consider in boxing shoes…

When deciding on the best boxing shoes to suit your needs there are three main things to consider – protection, comfort and sturdiness. Its finding the right balance between these three elements that will provide you with the right fit.

  • Material: When shopping for boxing shoes you should pay attention to the material they’re made of. Most boxing shoes will be made from leather or suede. Both are lightweight and flexible. The aim of the best boxing shoe is to hug your foot, yet still remain breathable.
  • Sole: The sole of the shoe will likely be made of rubber or another non-slip material. You want them to give you traction, but also allow you to be mobile enough in order to change direction with ease. The sole of the best boxing shoes is thinner than normal shoes, yet still offers the support needed when you are moving around the ring.
  • Support and Mobility: The last thing to look at is the amount of support the shoe provides. The choice you need to make is between lower cut shoes vs. high-top boots. Low cut shoes are more comfortable, yet won’t offer the same level of ankle support as the high-top boots. The high-top boots will definitely be providing you with the support you need when you are making those quick movements around the ring, however they can be quiet cumbersome.

Difference between wrestling shoes and boxing shoes…

Many people will use wrestling shoes interchangeable with boxing shoes, since they are easier to find in stores, and sometimes a bit cheaper.   Most wrestling and boxing shoes have almost identical construction, but with a couple slight differences.  Traditional boxing shoes have high-cut ankles, while wrestling shoes are always low or mid cut.  Newer style boxing shoes with low-mid height ankles are essentially the same as many boxing shoes.  The other main difference is in the soles — wrestling shoes have grippier soles, while boxing soles are more smoother (so you can slide around the ring better).

Overall though — aside from classic/traditional models — many (not all) wrestling shoes can be used for boxing with no problem at all.  Many brands actually market the same model as a wrestling shoe and boxing shoe (e.g. Adidas).

The 5 Best Boxing Shoes Reviews

Keep in mind boxing shoes are narrower than normal shoes, so we suggest you look at ordering half to a full size larger than your normal shoe size.

Title Hi-Top Boxing Boots Review

title hi-top boxing shoes blue best boxing shoesColors: Black, White, Blue, Red Sizes: 6-13 (No 1/2 Sizes) These Hi-Top Boxing Shoes from Title are incredibly comfortable and are built for speed. The sculpted polyurethane soles will allow you to move around the ring and the synthetic leather upper provides the flexibility that you need.

The ankles are about 12 inches high, which will provide ample ankle support, while maintaining speed.

At a great price, these are the perfect pair of boxing shoes for beginner level and training.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Title Hi-Top Boxing Boots on Amazon.com

ADIDAS Combat Speed 4 Wresting/Boxing Shoe Review

adidas combat 4 shoe review
Colors: Black, White. Sizes: 7.5 – 16. The Combat Speed 4 is one of Adidas‘ wrestling and boxing combination shoes.  It is classic Adidas style (3-stripes), with extremely high quality construction.  Most of the boot is made with a mesh overlay to help keep your feet cool as you dance around the ring, and at the same very lightweight.  The classic gum rubber soles, provide excellent traction, and will help you make sharp movements to evade your opponent.

The Combat Speed 4 are reasonably price. If  you are a fan of Adidas style and want a great lightweight shoe, then these could be the best boxing shoes for you.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Combat Speed 4 Boxing Boots on Amazon.com

RINGSIDE Undefeated Boxing Shoes Review

ringside undefeated boxing shoes review Colors: Black/Black, White/Grey. Sizes: 2 – 13 (No half sizes). Ringside is a well established boxing brand based out of the US.

If you want to perform well in the ring, then these boxing boots will definitely help. The high-top ankle support will give you the support you need in the ring in order to avoid a twisted ankle.

In addition, with the added ventilation (see grey portions of the shoe in the image which act has ventilation), you will have the air flow you need to keep your body cool. Lastly, they are lightweight.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the RINGSIDE Undefeated Boxing Shoes on Amazon.com

ASICS Split Second 9 Wresting Shoe Review

asics split second 9 wrestling boxing shoeColors: Red, black, blue, purple Sizes: 5- 18. This shoe from ASICS is a perfect example of a “wrestling” shoe that can also be used for boxing.   These shoes are extremely lightweight, yet sturdy.  The front and back of the sole are split into two, allowing for maximum flexibility while still providing support and grip.   It is great for making quick movements around the ring.  It is also great for people that suffer from foot cramps or plantar fasciitis. The Split Second also has a mesh design across the top and sides to help keep you feet cool.

This shoe is extremely value priced, and is available in a huge range of sizes (5-18).  It also comes in some unique colorways to help you stand out from standard black boots.  Despite being made/marketed for wrestling, the ASICS Split Second is one of the best boxing shoes out there.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the ASICS Split Second 9 shoes on Amazon.com

Adidas Combat Speed III Wrestling/Boxing Shoes Review

adidas combat speed iii wrestling shoeColors:  Black/Silver, White. Sizes: 6.5 – 13. The Adidas Combat III is one of those shoes that is marketed as both a wrestling and boxing shoe (depending what store you are in).  It is one of the best-selling low-cut boxing shoes on the market.  It is made of synthetic suede and leather material, with open mesh on for breathability.  The shoe is ultra light weight, and is known for fitting super snug like a sock.  The split rubber sole — similar to the ASICS Split Second 9 (above) — provides excellent traction for pivoting around the ring.

The Adidas Combat Speed III looks great, performs great, and is also extremely budget friendly.  You can’t go wrong with this boxing shoe.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Combat Speed III on Amazon.com

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting out or have become a more serious boxer, this list provides you with the perfect range of the best boxing shoes out there. From the budget option to the more expensive, no matter your needs we’ve provided you with the all the details for you make the right choice to match the fighter in you. No matter which pair you go for, they are sure to add extra confidence to your training and in the boxing ring.

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