Best Boxing Headgear of 2018

rival training headgear productTaking punches is hard; obviously. When you are just starting out in the sport getting in the ring to spar can be a daunting proposition. You are bound to get hit, it’s unavoidable, so to minimize the damage and maximize the enjoyment you can strap on headgear to protect you. You can use the ones in the box at the gym, but do you really want to? Not only is it horrible wearing something someone else has sweated in, but it probably won’t fit you very well. So our advice is to get your own. When picking the best boxing headgear for you, there are a few features that are must haves and a few things to look out for.

ProductColorSizeOur Rating 
TITLE Gel World Full-Face
TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear
Black, RedRegular, Large
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Cleto Reyes Classic
Cleto Reyes Classic Training Headgear
Black, Blue, Red, White, YellowSmall, Medium, Large
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Fighting Sports Tri-Tech
Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Full Training Headgear
Black, WhiteRegular (S/M), Large (L/XL)
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Winning Headgear FG2900
Winning Headgear FG2900
Black, Blue, Red, White, Gold, Green, SilverMedium, Large
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Must have features:

  • A lace-up top: This helps fit the headgear tighter around your head ensuring that it won’t move and slide around as you sweat.
  • A chin buckle, NOT Velcro: A strap and buckle is not only far more secure, but it will also last much longer. Velcro wears out and comes loose.
  • USA Boxing Certification: This is not a must have for training, but if it has the stamp on it, you can rest assured you are buying the best boxing headgear.
  • A Velcro or lace-up back: Again, we prefer laces to Velcro, but just make sure you can secure the back tightly and easily without having to ask someone to help.

Other factors to consider:

  • Comfort & Fit: You want something that fits snuggly and won’t move around during training. But it should also be comfortable. Find a design that you like.
  • Visibility: Headgear will restrict visibility. This is a result of the padding, and it’s almost always a trade-off between visibility vs. padding; more of one and less of the other and vice versa.
  • Padding: You want the best padding for the amount of protection you desire. Look for quality foams or gels with variations in different areas of the gear.
  • Quality: You want to use the headgear for a while so buy quality the first time. Stitching and materials are important and look for that USA Boxing Certification stamp.
  • Coverage: You must decide which areas you want to cover. Some gear won’t have chin protection or padding on the back of the head. It’s really up to you just how much and in what areas you need protection.
  • Size & Weight: Some headgear has loads of padding and when combined with full grain leather, they can be extremely bulky/heavy. Find something that is lighter and thinner without compromising the level of protection.

Video Overview:

Best Boxing Headgear – 5 Recommendations

Rival Traditional Training Headgear Review

rival traditional training headgear is one of the best boxing headgear products on the marketColor: Black

Sizes: M, L, XL

This old school design from Rival is pure craftsmanship, providing ultimate results with zero compromise. Its ultra-sleek, thinner design makes it the best boxing headgear among many a veteran ring warriors. The shell is made from 1.0 mm thick cowhide leather and will go the distance. The inside liner is soft, supple and water resistant suede that is comfortable and durable. Vision in the ring is improved thanks to scaled down cheek guards. The headgear is kept secure by adjustable duel rear hook-and-loop straps. The adjustable leather chin strap ensures a custom fit for all athletes.

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Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Full Training Headgear Review

fighting sports tri tech reviewColor: White/Black

Size: Reg (S/M), L (L/XL)

Made with a combination of three foams – sponge, high and low density foam, this headgear from Fighting Sports offers extreme comfort and coverage. The cheeks, forehead, ears, back of head and chin areas are all precisely padded to absorb even the heaviest punches.

The soft, durable and smooth inside liner easily wipes clean after use. The shell is constructed from select hides of full grain leather. The sizes are a bit larger than standard so it may be a good idea to order a size smaller.

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Winning Headgear FG2900 Review

winning headgear fg2900 reviewColour: Red, Blue, Black, White

Medium: 21-23 inch

Large: 22.5-24.5 inch

Weighs only 9.5oz

This is easily the most expensive item on our list of the best boxing headgear. Made in Japan, the Winning headgear uses artificial leather and a soft, slow recovery foam this headgear is super shock absorbent. The fact that it is not made from real leather does not count against it at all. It fits very well and is comfortable and the lace up back means it won’t move around during sparring. It has 30% more padding around the cheeks and forehead than most other headgear so it really protects your from hard shots, especially around the nose area. The only small drawback is that there’s no padding on the back of the head, so if you go down and happen to smack your head into the mat it could hurt a little.

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Cleto Reyes Classic Training Headgear Review

cleto reyes classic training headgearColor: Black, White, Red

Size: Small, Medium, Large

Manufactured in Mexico using cowhide and latex foam padding, this Cleto Reyes headgear features three-point anatomical fit: a hook and loop closure, a buckle chin strap and a lace crown adjustment. It offers good protection for the cheek, temples and forehead area. Your chin and lower side jaw are left vulnerable, so if that’s an issue, look at headgear with a crossbar. You will add weight and lose some visibility though. The three point system really means you can adjust it to suit you in every way and it stays in place right through your training session.

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TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear Review

title gel world training headgearColor: Black, Red

Size: Regular, Large

Title makes some of the top boxing gear on the planet, and this headgear is no exception.

The gel lining and multi-layered foam offers a supreme combination of comfortable form-fit and impact resistance. This headgear offers all round protection thanks to fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears and back of head area. It’s simple to get on and off thanks to the rear entry system.

It’s perfectly adjustable due to a hook and loop closure with a leather and elastic top. It also has great chin protection.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what your choice is for the best boxing headgear to suit you, make sure it offers the amount of protection that you need when you are in that ring.

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