Best BJJ Belt in 2018

BJJ belts are an essential part of the martial art system. They symbolize your growth as a student and display the level of your skills and experience. The different colors of BJJ belts that represent a student’s level of experience. Although a belt does not have the same kinds of requirements training pads and protective gear may require, it is still a key piece in every student’s gear, and it’s important to choose a well-made belt that not only fits well, but can stand up to tumbling.

Think of your belt as a symbol of your accomplishments. As such, your belt must be cared for and respected. It is not a simple accessory, but a medal that showcases your accomplishments in the art of fighting. There are various colors that indicate your skill level in martial arts. First let us talk about the basics of each of these colors and what they symbolize.

Belt Colors

The White Belt

This is the very first belt you will be wear when beginning your training in jiu jitsu. A white belt symbolizes your commitment to learn the basics of the martial arts. Learning the disciplines is just as important as learning the moves and techniques. At this stage, winning and losing are not important, but you should focus on acquiring the experience needed to strengthen your mind and body in preparation for the next stage of training.

The Blue Belt

The next belt in the progressive color system is the blue belt. You achieve this belt once you have developed adequate knowledge in standard techniques. In BJJ, blue belts are most commonly given once students have built up a solid defense, gained the ability to escape submission holds, and participated in at least one competition. Students with blue belts will mostly focus on elevating their skills in BJJ and mastering at least one specific aspect of the art of jiu jitsu.

The Purple Belt

This is where your overall skills will be sharpened to near perfection. If your skills lack focus and precision, this is the level at which you will be trained to control momentum. The purple belt is all about maneuverability and your ability to comprehend your current predicament – whether you are below or above your opponent. Those with a purple belt will showcase a high level of ground game and the ability to quickly adjust to new positions and find holes in their opponent’s defenses. If you already have a solid ground offense and defense, this is where it will all be put to the test.

The Brown Belt

Brown belts are exceptionally high BJJ level practitioners and will showcase a wide variety of submission holds and the ability to apply them quickly and precisely. This is also the time when the student can become a teacher themselves. Brown belts are vicious on the ground, as they can submit people on a mount, side control, or back position. Brown belts need only focus on perfecting their craft.

The Black Belt

Those who have a black belt are true masters in their martial art. They have complete control of their body and the ability to gauge their opponent and quickly develop a succession of moves in their mind. They are calm during combat and hold a wealth of experience that can only be achieved during years of hard work and sacrifice. The black belt is only given to those who have proven their mastery over their art, and it is one of the best BJJ belts you can receive.

The Red Belt

This belt is given to those exceptional few who have proven themselves through decades as a black belt. Simply put, the red belt is the best BJJ belt you can ever hope to achieve.

Now that we have talked about the basics of martial arts belts, let’s take a look at the best BJJ belts in the market today. These are sturdy and made of high quality materials that reflect each level they represent.

5 Best BJJ Belts

Fuji BJJ Belt Product Review

Fuji Bjj Belt


The Fuji BJJ Belt is a well made and sturdy belt that offers a good amount of overall comfort. The reasonable price is one of its biggest draws and its hard-wearing construction makes it withstand wear and tear relatively nicely. Overall, one of the better BJJ belts in the market due to its balance in quality and price.

Customer Sentiment

While the majority of previous buyers find this product to be the right size, a few claim the belt is a bit too long. Another user noted that not all patches pictured on the belts are actually on the product, which can lead to some disappointment when your order arrives. Many other users were highly satisfied with their belts, however, and buy from the same brand every time they rise in rank.


  • 100% cotton
  • Sturdy design allows for years of use
  • Considered especially comfortable by larger customers


  • Might be too long for some users
  • Not all pictured patches appear on actual belt

Pro-Force Jiu Jitsu Belts Product Review


These are exceptionally high quality brands that offer amazing durability as well as being extremely lightweight. Surprisingly enough, while this belt looks quite thick, it was lightweight and tough. Expect it to hold out for years even when put through the test. These are top quality BJJ belts that will surely survive to be put on the mantle of your achievements.

Customer Sentiment

Previous users have a lot to say about these belts, and their comments range from glowing praise to cautionary tales. Sizing appears to be off, however some users say belts are too small, and some users say the belt is too large. Others complained that the belt is too heavy or that the ends fray after a normal amount of tumbling.


  • According to some users, the belt is a sturdy investment
  • 100% cotton


  • May fray shortly after use
  • Sizing is off

Venum BJJ Belt Product Review

Venum BJJ Belt


This is one is a tough looking and tough wearing BJJ belt that is designed for optimum durability. It can be quite stiff but at the right length you will be able to tie it securely with no problem. The Venum BJJ belt is definitely one of the hardest martial arts belt around. Be sure to wash it first and constantly twist it to allow it more flexibility and make it easier to tie.

Customer Sentiment

Although the majority of previous users were thrilled with their belts, some did not like the extremely stiff and thick style of Venum’s belts. This matter of preference is the major point of contention between users, but essentially all those who bothered to discuss their purchase praised the belt’s quality.


  • Very high quality
  • Slightly narrower than comparable belts
  • Stiff, thick design


  • Stiff design does not suit all users
  • Thickness does not suit all users

Gameness Premium Adult Jiu Jitsu Belt Product Review

Gameness Premium Adult Jiu Jitsu Belt


This BJJ belt is made to be as flexible as possible without affecting its overall durability. This one, while still a bit stiff, is quite easy to tie into a secure knot. It all lies in the stitching that is consistent and offers a highly maneuverable belt while adding to its toughness. Once you get the perfect length you will not have any problem when it comes to tying a knot.

Customer Sentiment

Although previous users are staggeringly positive about their experiences with this belt, they repeatedly mention that anyone looking for a blue belt should brace for a royal blue that is nearly purple. Overall, the least satisfied customers were those who ordered blue belts. Some did not receive the belts they ordered, and the product they received appeared vastly different from the image online. This seems especially true with third party websites.


  • High rates of customer satisfaction
  • Tough and maneuverable


  • You may not get the belt you ordered
  • The blue color is not the same as most images represent

Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Belt Product Review

Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Belt


The Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu belt is wider than your standard martial art belts and utilizes tougher fabrics. This is another durable BJJ belt and is among the best bjj belts available that has a reasonable price. It is well built and may prove to be one that offers longevity even when used at high strain levels.

Customer Sentiment

Despite the usual whispers of quick tears and frayed stitching, the vast majority of previous users have given their new belts high praise. They say it washes well, holds knots during tumbling, and features great colors. Sizing is reasonably accurate, too.


  • Sturdy material and construction
  • Holds knots very well
  • Stands up to not only a tumble on the mat, but a tumble in the wash
  • Great colors


  • A handful of reviews suggest early fraying
  • Wide belt shape may not suit all users

Final Thoughts

Your belt is a symbol of your skills and accomplishments, so it is best to use a belt that will do you proud and offer a high level of reliability during competitions or simple training sessions. No matter what color you need as you progress in BJJ, one of the belts above can meet your needs.

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