Top 5 Must-Have Muay Thai Accessories in 2018

In case you desire to attain the most out of your Muay Thai training sessions, it is essential that you have with you the ideal Muay Thai training equipment and gears.

Even more, despite the fact that there are lots of products’ to choose from, there are numerous items’ that every person must need during their Thai training sessions. This article is meant to enlighten you and provide an overview of the top 5 must have Muay Thai training accessories.

Now Lets Dive Right In:

Muay Thai Shorts

Even though you can exercise in any sort of athletic short, wearing genuine Muay Thai shorts’ is something that every Muay Thai trainer ought to do.

Not only will this place you in the right frame of mind to train hard, but it will likewise make you look like a skilled Thai fighter (Nak Muay.) In case you come across someone wearing MMA shorts amidst Muay Thai training sessions, you’ll automatically know they’re not serious’ about Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Shorts are the informal uniforms of Muay Thai. One of the main reasons individuals dislike wearing Muay Thai shorts is due to the short length. The reality is, the length signifies the conventional style of Muay Thai.

On the bright side, you do not have to wear your shorts’ way up, as the Muay Thai fighters’ do. You can feel free to wear them at a comfy length.

A quality pair of Muay Thai shorts’ will last you a couple of years, so don’t you mind investing less than $30 to get yourself a first-rate short.

Idyllically, you need to own at least 3 to 5 pairs Muay Thai shorts’ so you can alternate them comfortably without feeling the need to clean them every single day after training.

Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps’ are a must-have whenever you’re training. They’ll help you safeguard your wrists’ from injuries every time you are hitting the heavy bag or amidst pad rounds’.

Keeping your wrists’ wrapped tightly using some first-rate hand wraps will preclude you from breaking your wrists’.

Another advantage brought about by Hand Wraps is cushioning for your knuckles. Contingent upon how you cloak your hands’, you can attain a nice layer of fortification around your knuckles.

In case you are punching heavy bags with 10oz gloves’ on, it is advised to have some extra safety measures with you so as to ensure you do not injure your knuckles’.

Furthermore, using clean hand wrap’ will also help ensure your gloves do not smell on the inside. The best kind of hand wraps’ are manufactured to be somewhat elastic and possess a little bit of flex.

Muay Thai Gloves

The other imperative piece of Muay Thai training equipment is the gloves. Muay Thai training gloves’ are distinct from pure boxing gloves’ since they permit you to open up your hands’ and attain a grip in the clinch.

This happens to be one of the main reasons you’re advised never to utilize pure boxing training gloves during Muay Thai sessions.

Muay Thai gloves’ will vary in weight and size, so it’s imperative that you try on numerous pairs and pick the pair that fits you best. In general, individuals choose their gloves’ based on their weight.

For bag work and sparring, staying in the 14 to 18oz range is ideal. You do not want to fight using anything less than that because you might wind up knocking out your sparring opponent.

The 16oz Muay Thai gloves’ are the impeccable weight for sparring’. As a matter of fact, you ought to own 2 pairs’ of gloves, the 1st one for hitting the bag and doing pads’ and the second one for sparring’.

The brand of glove you select depends on a couple of factors, such as fit, size, style, and price.

The high-end brands’ such as Boon, Top King, Twins, Windy, and Fairtex all offer excellent gloves that can last a couple of years. Even so, it all branches down to your personal preference and what you enjoy using more.

Mouth Guard

The Mouthguard is an essential piece of accessory that you will need in case you are thinking of clinching or sparring at all. You never want to encounter yourself in a situation where you require a mouth guard, but you do not have one.

Trust me when I tell you, in case you get your tooth knocked out it, might cost you more than 5 pieces of $20 mouth guards. Irregardless of whether you are a novice trainer and just starting off or an elite trainer, it’s always’ a good idea to ensure you have a strong mouth guard with you.

This will keep you safe in case you happen to execute drills that require your opponents to hit you.

The main issue you might have to deal with when purchasing the appropriate mouth guard is choosing between “custom” and “boil and bites” mouth guards. You are recommended to invest around $100 and get yourself a first-rate mouth guard you can utilize for the rest of your life.

In case you cannot afford a custom mouth guard, a boil and bite will work just well.

Shin Guards

Ideal pairs of Muay Thai training Shin Guards will protect your shins’ amidst Muay Thai drills and sparrings. Even if you are not expecting to spar for a certain period of time, you’ll still execute drills that might require you to possess a reliable pair of shin guards’.

That implies we’ll all need a pair of shin guards’ eventually. Even more, it is imperative that you purchase guards’ that fully safeguard your shins’ and feet.

There are numerous small shin guards’ that I have seen individuals utilize that do not provide much coverage at all.

There are also shin sock guards’ that fit firmly in your legs’. These guards’ are utilized in amateur tournaments’ and do not provide as much fortification as the premium shin guards’.

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