Top 3 Best MMA Podcasts in 2018

Are you looking for new training tips and tricks? Do you need some new entertainment options? You can get both at the same time by finding a good MMA podcast. Fun, easy to access, and starring familiar UFC stars, podcasts are the way to blend your favorite sport with your day to day media.

What’s a Podcast?

The Fighter and the KidA podcast is essentially a regular talk show made available online via streaming and/or downloading options. Many podcasts are voice-only reports that work like a radio show, but thanks to platforms like Youtube, video podcasts are increasingly popular. These shows follow a regular schedule, and the vast majority post once a week, though some podcasts with third party funding post nearly every day.

A podcast tends to focus on a single topic and has a regular host. Usually, the host has special insight or experience regarding the podcast’s primary subject, but professionals are often put on air with comedians and amateurs for the sake of entertainment. After all, no matter how educational a podcast may be, it’s ultimate goal is to attract and keep a regular audience.

What Use is an MMA Podcast?

MMA podcasts give students quite a few advantages, but the most exciting is access to professional tips and tricks. Most of the best MMA podcasts either utilize a pro fighter as the host or bring on MMA fighters as frequent guests. Podcasts often use social media to gather questions for their experts, so even if you aren’t getting a one-on-one session with the pros, you can likely get unique questions answered on air.

MMA PodcastPodcasts are also regular publications, and that schedule can help keep new MMA students on track. By bringing a weekly reminder into your home life, you essentially give yourself an entertaining alarm. Even if none of your personal questions are ever answered on air, you can learn a lot by just sitting back and listening to the professionals.

Obviously, MMA students love mixed martial arts, and it makes sense that they’d look for entertainment that involves their favorite sport. MMA podcasts bring together fresh content for fans of the sport to enjoy. MMA is less popular than things like football, and podcasts provide the same kind of commentary and humor fans of other sports can get on the radio and television.

Since podcasts are so simple to make, it can be hard to sort the pros from the newbies. Anyone with a mic or a camera with good audio can make a podcast. There are lots of great, regular shows for MMA devotees, but we’ve picked out the top three. They are reliable, high quality, and extremely entertaining.

The Top Three MMA Podcasts

The Fighter and the Kid

The Fighter and the KidThis weekly podcast pairs smarts with sass. The two hosts, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen, represent two very different worlds. Between Schuab’s UFC experience and Callen’s wit, the show keeps listeners on their toes. They cover important topics in the MMA community, but they do use every conversation in humor. It’s a bit addictive, and the duo is so popular, their podcast has official merchandise.

Downloadable podcasts are available on The Fighter and the Kid’s official website, but they also have a number of podcasts available on Youtube. This allows you to determine exactly how much you like the show before you dedicate download time and disk space to an MP3. The weekly show is also available on platforms like SoundCloud and iTunes.

You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

You’re Welcome! With Chael SonnenAs the name suggests, UFC superstar Chael Sonnen hosts this podcast. He’s full of advice and humor, which makes for great listening. He packs his show full of other UFC and MMA guests, too, so even though Sonnen is the god of his own little universe, he leaves room for outside commentary. This gives listeners a lot of diverse advice from a lot of different fighters.

Chael’s show is available on his official website along with a number of third-party platforms. You can find it on common hosts like iTunes, and you can also stream on Youtube. There’s an option for every kind of viewer and any kind of device.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan ExperienceAlthough he has a background in martial arts, Joe Rogan came to MMA as an interviewer rather than a fighter. His insight comes from the many discussions he’s had with the good, the bad, and the ugly of MMA’s talent base. Rogan is, first and foremost, a comedian, and his commentary is never lacking in punch and wit.

While all of the podcasts we’ve discussed are pretty popular, Rogan’s is one of the most popular of all time. His early work was downloaded millions of times per month, and his podcast remains a current favorite, even for non-MMA fans. This is due in part to his variety of guests. While he frequently interviews MMA fighters and UFC stars, he also talks to pop culture personalities and representatives from other martial arts. He’s even interviewed popular Youtube stars.

Rogan’s podcasts are available from several sources, and there are many of them. If you’re looking exclusively for MMA content, you may want to find a curated list. It’s not too hard to pick through the available MP3 downloads on Joe Rogan’s official site, though, and that’s hands-down the best and most secure way to get his podcasts.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to check out an MMA podcast, and there are even more reasons to invest time in several different shows. They’re great for training tips, laughs, and entertainment relevant to your interests. The variety of file types and streaming options allow you to check out a podcast regardless of what kind of tech you use. You can download a show to listen to on your phone while you train, or you can stream it on your laptop during your lunch break. These three shows are the most popular, but if they aren’t your cup of tea, there are many more for you to check out.


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