Heyday Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker Review

closeup of camo sneakerGood footwork is one of the most important keys to good fighting style. After all, if you can’t stay on your feet, it doesn’t matter how hard you can punch. The only thing you’ll be hitting is the ground. Your balance impacts the force behind strikes, the amount of weight you can safely lift, and the efficiency of your training.

Needless to say, good training shoes are essential gear in any athlete’s kit, especially for those practicing a martial art that demands careful attention to stance. Taking care of your feet also allows you to spend more time training with less pain, and good training shoes can help prevent everything from a twisted ankle to a serious injury that could take you out of the gym for good.

One of the best training shoe manufacturers on the market is Heyday, and they really do make some impressive shoes. One of the best and most exclusive items in their inventory is the Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker. Is this the right pair of trainers to enhance your style and effectiveness in the ring? We’ve done your research for you and compiled a summary of the product’s features, relevant customer sentiment, and even pros and cons to help you make that decision.

Heyday Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker Product Review


Heyday Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker reviewFirst of all, you should know that there are only 150 pairs of these shoes for sale. They are a very exclusive product with a lot of great features, but the limited production may make them difficult to find after the next few months. One size has already sold out on Heyday’s official website.

The shoe’s all new design is inspired by tactical boots, which are meant to take a lot of punishment. The premium black leather and heavy camo canvas used to construct the shoes echoes this feature, and it’s clear that the tactical inspiration encompasses more than just looks. An extra tall collar and tongue help keep your ankles steady and provide excellent support in the gym, although it is possible to loosen the lacing for comfort or style. This is especially helpful during stationary exercises that demand a lot of flexibility around your ankles and lower calves.

Microfiber suede lining helps keep your feet dry during the toughest matches, and a memory foam footbed keeps you comfortable. After all, nothing fits your feet quite like memory foam. This cushioning is important, because the soles of the shoes are completely flat and incompressible. While you need those features for tough leg routines and training, the bottom of your foot is not perfectly flat, and without the contouring most other types of shoes provide, it’s easy to wear out your feet.

This shoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes, going from men’s 5/women’s 6.5 through men’s 14, and there are no special features to distinguish men’s from women’s shoes.

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

As you can imagine, these shoes come with quite a price tag. The materials and construction, however, assure you get some serious bang for your buck. Although cheaper shoes are, well, cheaper, they will not last as long, and they are unlikely to have the same design benefits of the Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker. For instance, this trainer has one of the highest collars in the industry and certainly the highest of any Heyday shoe. The sturdy materials also offer a level of protection that cheaply made shoes cannot. While it’s often a good idea to wait for a new style to sit on the shelf for a season or two so the price will drop, the limited number of these shoes makes that option impractical. The price tag is not likely to change, because soon there won’t be any shoes to wear that tag.

Customer Sentiment

There is essentially no feedback about these specific shoes available due to the limited run and the short time they’ve been available. Preorders from third party sites only shipped at the end of May. Since the shoes feature an all new design, it is essentially impossible to find exact comparisons for customer feedback.

Previous customers who bought similar products from Heyday are enthusiastic, however, and range from casual gym members who are more excited about the product’s looks to seasoned weight lifters who are enamored with the brand’s comfort and durability. The only available critiques of the brand are for Heyday’s fashion line, and complaints usually revolve around sizing and style.


  • Premium leather and heavy canvas give enhanced durability
  • High collar and tongue provide unparalleled support
  • All new design and limited run ensure you stand out
  • Microfiber suede helps keep feet dry
  • Memory foam footbed eases fatigue
  • Recognized brand with great feedback and many repeat customers


  • Very little customer feedback about this exact product due to the limited run and all new design
  • Big price tag that is unlikely to go down in the foreseeable future/before the shoes sell out

Final Thoughts

in the fight with the heyday sneakerThere are thousands of training shoes on the market today, thanks in great part to the joy of online shopping, but you can’t always count on the quality of your purchase, and buying something with such a personalized fit as a pair of shoes can be daunting. Finding a recognized brand with a lot of high praise from previous buyers is a good way to minimize risk in any shopping situation. If those previous buyers are return customers, all the better. In addition to customers who leave feedback on their own blogs, vlogs, or other third party websites, Heyday has an entire page dedicated to informal testimonials pulled from all over the internet about their products.

Since these shoes feature an all new design, it’s impossible to say if their particular style will have unforeseen drawbacks, troublesome pressure spots, or other problems. It’s easy to see everything they have to offer, though. Everything from their materials to their design demonstrates a commitment to making a long-lasting, highly durable training shoe. The incompressible sole will stand up to anything the ring can throw at it, and the high collar and tongue are a unique design feature that will probably save a lot of ankles in the near future.

So go ahead and check out the Heyday Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker on their website.

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