Best BJJ Belt in 2018

BJJ belts are an essential part of the martial art system. They symbolize your growth as a student and display the level of your skills and experience. The different colors of BJJ belts that represent a student’s level of experience. Although a belt does not have ...Read More

Top 3 Best MMA Podcasts in 2018

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The Best MMA Diet Plan for You in 2018

The famous saying, “you are what you eat,” isn’t so popular because it isn’t true. In fact, the saying could not be more accurate and it crucial when you train hard. In order to gain muscle and become strong and lean, following a proper ...Read More

Ultimate Martial Arts Glove Guide

Every martial art has the unique protective equipment. Gloves are the most commonly required gear. Without these crucial tools, students can and will develop painful stress injuries early on in their training. The chances for serious injuries dramatically increase without the right gloves, and ...Read More

Ultimate Guide to the Best Headgear for Sparring

If you ride a bike, you should wear a helmet. If you step into a sparring ring, you should wear the appropriate headgear. Although not all competitive martial arts allow headgear during tournaments, risking serious injury during regular training is an invitation for disaster. ...Read More

What is the Best Face Saver Headgear in 2018?

A face is an excellent target. Wearing the right gear to protect yours could mean the difference between victory and defeat. It could also mean the difference between a friendly handshake at the end of a sparring session and an emergency trip to the ...Read More

Best MMA Mouthguards on the Market in 2018

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What is the Best MMA Headgear?

You only have one head…protect it!  One of the most important pieces of MMA training equipment is your headgear.  When sparring, you don’t want to lose anymore brain cells than necessary. Here are some things you should consider when you look to purchase the best MMA headgear. ...Read More

What are the Best MMA Shinguards?

Whether you are just starting out, or are already a seasoned fighter, repeated blows to your shins are painful and can seriously limit your strike impact and even prevent you from training at all. Long, high-intensity sessions on the heavy bag or in the ...Read More

What are the Best MMA Shorts?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a tough sport for your body and your gear. You shorts are no exception. If you are just starting out you could probably get away with training in a pair of normal gym shorts. They won’t last very long ...Read More