Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag in 2018

Muay Thai is a demanding sport, and training outside of one-on-one practice is essential. In order to hone your skills, build up stamina, and develop strength, you need to train with a heavy bag. Not just any heavy bag will do, though. Muay Thai heavy bags have several important, unique features.

What is a Muay Thai Heavy Bag?

Unlike regular punching bags, Muay Thai heavy bags allow students to practice both upper and lower body strikes. Traditional boxing heavy bags aren’t great for kicks, and training with these bags for Muay Thai often leads to injuries. Muay Thai heavy bags are often called banana bags, because even though they are suspended, the bottom needs to touch the floor, which leads to a banana-shaped slump. In order to reach the floor, manufacturers make Muay Thai heavy bags longer than regular punching bags. They should weight around 130 pounds, and they should utilize padding materials that are less likely to settle at the bottom of the bag over time.

What to Look for in a Muay Thai Heavy Bag

First and foremost, make sure you’re looking at an actual Muay Thai heavy bag. Many regular punching bags are advertised for multiple martial arts, but they are not made the same way. Look for lots of padding, and pay attention to what’s in the bag. Foam and liquid elements are usually the best. Muay Thai bags are also longer, so pay attention to measurements when you buy. We’ve reviewed some of the best Muay Thai heavy bags below. You can check features, customer sentiment, and pros and cons below.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag Product Reviews

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Product Review


Made of heavy duty vinyl, this bag is designed to take a beating. Although it’s designed to initially hold about 130 pounds, it can hold up to 300 pounds for larger students. The bag comes prefilled with fabric, which does not settle and won’t create dangerous lumps and weight at the bottom of the bag. To prove the value of their bags, the manufacturer offers a ten year warranty with each bag. If the bag is damaged by weather or sharp objects, users simply need to take a photo, submit it, and the manufacturer ships a brand new replacement.

Customer Sentiment

Professionals and home gym aficionados alike loved this bag. Several previous buyers praised the bag’s density, and essentially all users praised its durability. A handful of users had issues with the D rings, which are slightly less durable than the bag itself. However, they had great customer service from the manufacturer, who honored the warranty and offered advice to extend the replacements’ lifespan. The only critique was that straps were not adjustable, but a proper length of chain should solve this issue for any concerned buyers.


  • Sturdy
  • Heavy duty vinyl
  • All fabric filling
  • Proper length
  • 10 year warranty


  • May take some adjusting to fit gym area
  • D rings may wear through if used directly against metal

Combat Sports Boxing MMA Muay Thai Heavy Bag Product Review


This Muay Thai heavy bag features an artificial leather cover. Weighing in at 100 pounds, it’s a little light for a Muay Thai heavy bag, but it would still work for lighter students. It comes with its own heavy chain, unlike many other heavy bags. This bag is a banana bag, despite its low weight, and stands six feet tall.

Customer Sentiment

Although this bag is more affordable than many comparable options, it routinely surpassed previous buyers’ expectations. They found it was more durable than expected, even when used regularly by multiple students. However, the bag comes with several critical flaws. There is no bottom loop to hold it in place. More importantly, the filling is too soft, and it settles quickly, which leads to hard, dangerous lumps.


  • Sturdy materials
  • Comes with chain


  • Lighter than usual
  • No bottom loop
  • Filling is too light and settles into hard, packed sections

Athletic MMA Gear Muay Thai Heavy Bag Product Review


This six foot tall heavy bag features a synthetic vinyl/polyester shell. It comes prefilled between 130 and 150 pounds. A ten year warranty allows users to swap their worn bag for a replacement. However, damage from sharp objects and floor drag are not covered. The bag is designed to negate the need for a chain, but that depends a lot on the height of the ceiling in question. Best of all, the bag is filled with fabric, rather than soft materials like sand, so it won’t settle and put users at risk.

Customer Sentiment

Although the manufacturer is a fairly new company, so far this product has gathered excellent feedback. The ordering process was smooth, customer service was ready available, and the bag arrived in pristine condition. It fits easily in most home gyms, and set up is easy.


  • Fabric filling
  • Proper weight
  • Sturdy shell
  • Prefilled


  • New company

Final Thoughts

Muay Thai demands specialized heavy bags, and finding bags that meet all the necessary criteria without sacrificing quality can be difficult. All the bags on our list have not only manufacturer claims, but also customer sentiment to back them up. Only customer sentiment can demonstrate how well a product stands up over time, which is critical for training materials.

The Combat Sports bag sits at the bottom of our list. Although it gathered a lot of high praise and sat at the lower end of the price spectrum, it had a major flaw. Muay Thai bags cannot have soft filling. Settling ruins a bag, because it makes it dangerous for lower body practice. It’s better than nothing, but students would get much more out of a more expensive bag. Second on the list is Athletic MMA Gear’s heavy bag. It meets all the criteria for a Muay Thai heavy bag, and it’s prefilled with fabric. The biggest problem is that it’s too new for long term buyer sentiment. Without knowing how well the bag stands up to months or years of use, potential buyers are going in partially blind.

Of the bags we’ve reviewed, the best is definitely Outslayer. It meets all the criteria, comes prefilled with fabric, and has a great history of customer sentiment. The biggest issues were easily solved and completely avoidable with some forethought. If you’re looking for a Muay Thai heavy bag, this is your best bet.

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