What are the Best Muay Thai Brands on the Market?

Shopping for gear is always so much easier once you’ve determined which brands you can rely on, and which ones you’d rather avoid. The wide range of available options might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s great to have choices – every fighter has their own unique needs and personal style.

Things To Consider When Shopping By Brand

Every brand has their own strong points and weak points. The brand that makes the best shin guards might manufacture the worst headgear, the brand that makes the best competition gloves might not have a very good selection of sparring gloves, and so on.

Another thing to consider is that many brands popular with Muay Thai enthusiasts do not market some of their best products as “Muay Thai” equipment specifically. Oftentimes, the marketing language targets categories of martial arts that have a bigger buyer base, like boxing and kickboxing.

Many products listed simply as “boxing gloves” or “kickboxing shin guards” turn out to be some of the most highly regarded equipment models in Muay Thai gyms around the world.

And then there’s always the important matter of preference – just because the majority of students and trainers prefer a product from one brand doesn’t mean that product will provide a good fit for any specific person.

Equipment manufactured or at least designed in Thailand is a great place to start – these products are often (but not always) designed with Thai-style martial arts in mind. The gloves are often more flexible than ordinary boxing gloves to accommodate clinching, the shin guards thicker than those meant for taekwondo or MMA, the headgear is firmer to distribute the force from strikes by bare elbows, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Thai brands and what makes their products so respected and popular in Muay Thai circles.

Best Thai Fight Gear Brands


Established in 1971, the Fairtex brand is the result of founder Philip Wong’s own practice as a Muay Thai enthusiast. Eventually, Fairtex became the most popular gear brand in Thailand, prompting Mr. Wong to open a Muay Thai camp in Bangplee, Thailand, later expanding to other markets in

To this day, Fairtex products continue to undergo rigorous real-world testing in the camps started by its founder. The brand works with professional and amateur fighters to product a robust line of products that emphasize protection, performance, and durability.

Muay Thai enthusiasts tend to recommend Fairtex as a brand with an exceptionally versatile range of products. Beginners can rely on their more inexpensive range of gloves and protective gear without sacrificing on quality or durability, while the higher-end products are loved by trainers and fighters alike.


The Twins fight gear brand is renowned for quality construction and materials, and their gloves are especially popular in Muay Thai circles. Twins gloves are the only brand allowed at the famous Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, one of the most famous Muay Thai stadiums in the world.

Most of the product lineup from Twins is manufactured at the Twins Special Factory complex in Thailand. This brand produces everything from headgear to gloves to shin guards, almost all of it crafted from real premium leather for exceptional durability. Twins also manufactures a wide range of accessories like hand wraps and fight wear.

For those who are graduating from beginner equipment and start looking for more professional-quality Muay Thai gear, Twins often comes up as a popular suggestion. Twins products often straddle the perfect line between affordability and uncompromising quality.

Top King

Recognized by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand and the World Professional Muay Thai Federation, Top King is another of the most beloved manufacturers of Muay Thai equipment throughout the world.

Top King gloves are a popular option for buyers looking to invest in high-end equipment, but Muay Thai practitioners are quick to point out that Top King shin guards are especially well regarded for their hard-wearing genuine leather construction and innovative form factor, one of the first shin guard designs to feature such advanced form-fitting design.


As one of the most recognized Thai-style fight gear brands in the world, Windy’s long-held reputation makes their gear a popular choice for Muay Thai traditionalists. Still handmade in Bangkok, the products continue to live up to the name. This brand is most famous for their gloves and headgear, but they also produce punch mitts, heavy bags, and other training necessities.

Unfortunately, with the rising availability of other top brands like Fairtex and Twins, Windy products are growing more and more difficult to find by the day. But rest assured – while production numbers may have decreased, the high quality of materials and manufacturing remains just as dependable, ensuring that Windy remains a top-tier choice for selective Muay Thai students and trainers.

Non-Thai Brands

If you’re on a budget and looking for inexpensive starter gear, or if you need some extra equipment for light training with friends, there are several non-Thai brands that make reasonable quality Muay Thai essentials that are easy and quick to find.

Everlast is a popular boxing brand that also branches out into MMA, kickboxing, and several other martial arts categories. While most of their gear is focused toward boxing, some of their gloves are flexible enough to accommodate Thai-style clinching techniques and their shin guards and headgear are also appropriate for light sparring as well. The most appealing feature of Everlast gear is the price – they have product ranges that span from cheap beginner gear to expensive professional quality equipment.

Venum is a French brand that makes a wide range of products from beginner-friendly budget buys all the way to the higher end of the spectrum. Venum gear is especially appealing for its modern style and bright color options.

Sanabul is a lesser-known company nevertheless worth talking about because their range of exceptionally affordable gel-infused gloves are super-soft and well-suited to Muay Thai sparring. The price point and effectiveness of their budget offerings makes this brand a great choice for brand new beginners to the sport.

Final Thoughts

It feels great to find a brand you can depend on. Once you find the glove with the perfect fit, or the headgear that makes you feel like you can take on the world, the result of those feelings will definitely benefit your training progress.

But every Muay Thai enthusiast is constantly changing and evolving – both physically and in terms of technique. Don’t forget to stay on the lookout for gear styles you’ve never tried, or brands you’ve never heard about before. Stay on top of the newest equipment trends by trying the gear your friends bring to the gym, and keep your ears open for the suggestions your trainer might make. There’s always room for improvement in everybody’s Muay Thai gym bag.

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