What are the Best MMA Shinguards?

Whether you are just starting out, or are already a seasoned fighter, repeated blows to your shins are painful and can seriously limit your strike impact and even prevent you from training at all. Long, high-intensity sessions on the heavy bag or in the sparing ring are grueling, but you can easily protect your shins using MMA shinguards. It is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment; some of the best MMA shinguards can be had for under a lot less than you may think. For example, check out the top 5 products below:

ProductColorSizeOur Rating 
Hayabusa Tokushu Striking
Hayabusa Tokushu Striking Shin Guards
Black/Slate Grey, White/Slate GreySmall, X-Large5 Stars
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Venum "Kontact" Shin and Instep
Red, Black, BlueOne5 Stars
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Meister EDGE Leather
Meister EDGE Leather Instep Shinguards with Gel Padding
WhiteSmall/Medium, Large/X-Large4 Stars
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Contender Fight Sports
Contender Fight Sports MMA Grappling Shin Guards
Black, Red, Blue, WhiteYouth Medium, Youth Large, Regular, Large, X-Large4 Stars
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Revgear Shin and Instep
Revgear Shin and Instep Pads
BlackSmall, Medium, Large, X-Large4 Stars
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However, when it comes to conditioning your body for pain it is not recommended to always rely on shinguards when training. Yes, your shins will be protected from impacts when training but in a real fight which does not permit the use of shinguards, your body might get shocked by the real impact.  So, if you are planning on doing real fights, then you may want to use shinguards less often.  If you are just training for fun/interest, then you will definitely get yourself a pair of shinguards!

Below is a list of the best MMA shinguards today that will offer you optimum protection when sparring and training, thus preventing unwanted injuries before a fight!

The 5 Best MMA Shinguards

Contender Fight Sports MMA Grappling Shin Guards Review

Looking for a good deal?  Then check out this shinguards from Combat Sports.  Available in  sizes R, L and XL these shinguards from are made specifically for the grappler, but their high-density foam padding and slim fit make them equally comfortable and effective for high-intensity striking and sparring. The foam will protect yourself as well as your sparring partner.  The synthetic leather outer is very durable and the neoprene wrap holds them in place perfectly no matter how hard you train.

If you are watching your budget, then these high quality MMA shinguards form Contender may be your best bet.  At its affordable price, you won’t find a much better deal!

contender fight sports best mma shinguards


Revgear Shin and Instep Pads Review

Another great budget option are these shinguards from Revgear. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL these pull-on-pull-off shin guards fit comfortably and are 100% machine washable to keep them fresh for many training sessions to come.  The one drawback is that they are not specifically designed for MMA — the padding is a bit lighter, and probably not meant for use during hard sparring sessions.  They are very good for light sparring, or training though.

If you are just doing MMA for leisure/exercise, and not worried about intense sparring sessions, then these are some the best MMA shinguards for you.  Also, they’re probably some of the cheapest shinguards you can find!

revgear shinguards


Venum “Kontact” Shin and Instep Guards Review

Need something a bit stylish and flashy?  Then check out this high quality shinguards from MMA gear specialists Venum.   The Venum “Kontact” shin and instep guards are made with high quality cotton and 100% machine washable, so are the ideal addition to your kitbag. They feature strategically placed support for the ultimate protection for you and your partner. They are held securely in place with a comfortable and easily adjustable Velcro closure for a no-slip fit.

They padding is a bit light, so if you are looking at doing intense sparring and training, then you may want something more heavy duty.  But, if you are just wanting to do light training, then these may be the best MMA shinguards for you.

The Venum Kontact Shinguards are available in red, blue, and black, so you can choose whichever matches your style!

venum kontact best mma shinguards

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Venum “Kontact” Shin and Instep Guards on Amazon.com


Hayabusa Tokushu Striking Shin Guards Review

Hayabusa are leaders in the field of MMA fight gear and not without reason. They manufacture high-quality, high-performance MMA gear. The Tokushu shin guards are no exception. They feature 20% more shielding, double closure straps, extra wide foot-loops and only the best composite materials used in their construction.

The shinguards are kept firmly in place by a non-slip lining that channels sweat away and ensure the perfect protective positioning for every strike. They are very light and you will be amazed at how unobtrusive they are during training. It’s easy to forget they are even there.

If your budget allows it, these are easily the best MMA shin guards you could possibly buy!  The Hayabusa Tokushu Shinguards are available in black or white.

hayabusa tokushu striking shinguards best mma shinguards

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Hayabusa Tokushu Striking Shin Guards on Amazon.com


Meister EDGE Leather Instep Shinguards with Gel Padding Review

Looking for a midrange option to Hayabusa?  Then check out these shinguards from Meister MMA.  The Meister EDGE Shinguards are probably one of the most carefully crafted products on the market. These shinguards are ergonomically designed and have gel padding for enhanced mobility and fit while also acting as a shock absorber. It is constructed using 100% cowhide leather with additional high density impact foam placed on all high contact areas of your shin. As stated earlier, the gel padding on the foot top gives the EDGE shinguard maximum shock absorption preventing any stress on your shins. A nice addition to the design of the Meister EDGE shinguard is the curve within the guards which enhances the fit in your insteps. It also uses 3 foot straps and rubber dots underneath to provide you with extra traction to avoid slips. The Meister Edge Shinguards is definitely worth a look!

meister edge leather instep mma shinguards

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Meister EDGE Leather Instep Shinguards on Amazon.com

Final Thoughts

Don’t risk injury by training without shin guards. Grab one of these pairs on our selection of the best MMA shin guards and take your training to the next level!

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