Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Boxing in 2018

Boxing gloves are essential for those who train in the sweet science of the fist. It is not only used during an official match but should also be worn in practice and during sparring. It is a key equipment of the sport as it protects your fists as well as your opponent from incurring too much damage. In order to fully appreciate these tools, especially in training, you need the best heavy bag gloves available.

How to Choose the Best Heavy Bag Gloves?

There are several types of boxing gloves to choose from. There are two types of boxing gloves to choose from, each with their own specific areas of specialty: the bag gloves and the boxing gloves. We will talk about bag gloves, its importance, benefits and the top 5 best heavy bag gloves in the market today.

TITLE Gel World Bag GlovesBag Gloves – Bag gloves are designed for hitting heavy bags, double end bags and boxing mitts. It is not designed to be used on other people as it mostly protects you and your fist but not the thing you are hitting. Bag gloves come in a variety of sizes from 12 oz to 16 oz and above. Bag gloves help prevent boxers from getting injuries on their fists such as broken hands or scrapped knuckles. Check out this article for more in-depth details of bag gloves.

Offers More Protection

There are lighter bag gloves that are obviously easier to use as it is lighter but it also has less padding which means that while you can easily hit fast and strong, one wrong swing or landing your fist on an awkward position and you might injure your hands just as fast. Heavy bag gloves offer more protection but are far heavier and will strain your arms if you are not used to them.

Added Weight Conditions your Arms

But heavy bag gloves have other benefits other than better protection. Heavy bag gloves are used for conditioning your arms. The added weight helps increase your arms strength and stamina which prolongs the time before your arms get gassed. It is best to start at a 12 oz bag glove and work your way to heavier ones to prevent undue stress to your muscles.

Now that you have been properly introduce to the bag glove, it is time to show you our top 5 gloves available in the market today. These are technologically more advanced than the old school set and will bring more to the table in terms of benefits and quality.

The Best Heavy Bag Gloves – Top 5

Ringside Gel Super Bag Gloves Review

The Ringside Gel Super Bag Gloves are designed for optimum protection when hitting the old heavy bag. It utilizes full leather exterior which boosts its durability by a wide margin when compared to other bag gloves that use synthetic material. This is a 12 ounce bag glove which makes it an ideal starting point for beginners looking to work on their arm’s conditioning.

The glove foam located on the knuckles and the backhand incorporates specially designed gel supports across key pressure points on your fist. It uses an elastic wrist wrap with hook and loop closures for a more secure fit that will not pop off even during super intense workouts.

Ringside Gel Super Bag Gloves

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Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Gloves Review

If you want durability then the Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Gloves is definitely one of the top gears in this area. It is made of lightweight 1 inch closed cell foam padding which offers an adequate balance in weight and protection.

Due to the fact that this only weighs around 6 oz. it is not really the best tool for conditioning but if you are planning to work on combinations and is currently trying to gauge your natural hand speed then this one is a good choice. The all leather construction keeps this bag glove in good condition for a longer time than other bag gloves. The Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Glove is an affordable bag glove that gives great quality performance and reliability during training routine.

Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Gloves

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TITLE Boxing Pro Heavy Bag Gloves Review

Another high quality bag glove, this uses a pre-curved design and is designed to withstand constant impacts from daily use and for intense training sessions. It is equipped with 2 inches of multi layered foam padding for protection and will absorb all impacts prevent any injuries to your hands.

It features wrap around wrist strap that also has a hook and loop attachment which will help keep the gloves firmly on the most comfortable and secure position. The full leather exterior also brings the longevity of the TITLE Boxing Pro Heavy Bag Gloves to higher levels.

TITLE Boxing Pro Heavy Bag Gloves

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TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves Review

The TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves uses one of the best in technology in terms of delivering safety to training in boxing. This is 12 oz. bag gloves which make it a good starting point for those looking to train in conditioning their arms’ endurance. This bag glove uses a combination of standard foam padding with specially placed gels throughout the knuckle area which helps alleviate the impact of blows.

It also comes with an elastic wrist wrap with a hook and loop closure. When it comes to toughness, this bag glove is made of 100% tough leather and is certainly one of the best heavy bag gloves that is equipped with all necessary needs to make the most out of every training sessions.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

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RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing and Bag Glove Review

The RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves is a sleek product that might fool you into thinking that it lacks durability or protection. The truth cannot be further from that notion as it uses modern technology infused into a traditional construction to deliver one of the best heavy bag gloves in the market today. It is constructed using full grain cow hide leather which boosts its durability to the high heavens.

It also comes with three layers of gel that is injected into the padding to give it the best shock absorption capabilities around. This is definitely a high end and high quality training gloves that is not only designed for boxing but can also be used during MMA training.

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing and Bag Glove

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Final Remarks

These are the top 5 best heavy bag gloves at the moment. They exceed in delivering safety and comfort to give you the highest benefits during your training. Do not skip on choosing a good bag glove as throwing punches and connecting also delivers strains on your fist that if left unchecked will cause undue damage to your hands. Having a high quality bag glove by your side will allow you throw punches to your heart’s content without the threat of injury.

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