The Best Boxing Gloves Under 50 Dollars in 2018

Few pieces of equipment are quite so iconic as a good pair of boxing gloves. Gloves are often the first piece of equipment martial arts athletes purchase, and there is more than one reason to choose a good pair of gloves. Everyone is on a budget so that is why we put together the list of the best boxing gloves under 50 dollars that you can buy today.

Reasons for Choosing the Best Gloves

Venum Challenger 2 is one of the best boxing gloves under 50 dollarsWhile boxing gloves are obviously designed to protect your opponent, they are also meant to protect you. If you have ever punched an object without gloves, then you are likely acquainted with the pain of cracked knuckles and possibly even a broken wrist.

Bandages, casts, and even surgery can stem from one strike with an unprotected hand. In a sport that demands constant striking and blocking, the proper gear for your hands is paramount to your continued participation and your overall health. Do not forget – faces are hard. Skulls, jaws, elbows, and even muscles can feel like punching a wall under the right circumstances.

Good gloves offer several layers of shielding for your fingers and knuckles, protection for your thumb, and a good wrist support. An excellent glove offers more protection than its competitors, fits your hand well, and features quality stitching to prevent your equipment’s untimely end.

As you can imagine, finding a really good pair of gloves while on a budget can be immensely challenging. A number of top brands have made cheaper versions of high quality products, however, by removing luxury elements like genuine leather and replacing them with artificial, cost-efficient alternatives.

Although a budget may limit your options, there is still a dizzying variety of choices available. With that in mind, we have made a list highlighting the best boxing gloves for under 50 dollars!

Product Reviews of the Best Boxing Gloves under 50 Dollars

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Review


With three layers of gel in addition to specialized foam, these gloves take protection very seriously. They also feature RDX’s exclusive Quadro-Dome Technology. A broad strap maximizes wrist support, and the foam padding over the palm features breathable technology for both comfort and defense. Five colors are available to suit your tastes, and it is important to note that Maya hide leather is just a fancy term for fake leather. That artificial leather, however, helps bring down the overall price of the gloves without detracting from the all-important layers of protection within the gloves themselves.

rdx maya boxing gloves

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Customer Sentiment

Customers call these gloves sturdy but flexible. Users praise the level of protection, claiming these are the best gloves available in their price range. The looks aren’t bad either. Some customers state that the gloves run a little small, but other users seem to think the snug fit is simply a better way to distribute the force of a blow. A few users questioned the gloves’ longevity, but the vast majority of users still praised the value of the gloves overall.


  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Wrist support
  • Breathable foam


  • Synthetic leather
  • May not last for an extended period of use

Meister Pro Boxing Gloves Review


Multilayered high density Impact Foam helps these gloves protect your hands from the worst damage your sport can dish out. Synthetic leather helps keep the price low for prospective buyers, and a sturdy wrist strap protects and supports the delicate inner workings of your joint. These gloves also come with a custom carrying bag so you can easily transport them to and from the gym.

meister pro boxing gloves review

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Customer Sentiment

Although customer sentiment is positive overall, several people pointed out some troubling weak areas, such as insufficient padding around the knuckles and thumb. The size of the gloves also seems to favor large hands, and those with small hands or short arms may find the gloves do not fit well. Still, most users approved of the gloves, especially for bag work. While the included bag was useful, a few people complained of a poorly functioning or altogether broken zipper.


  • Come with carrying bag
  • Offer superior wrist protection
  • Multiple layers of Impact Foam


  • Synthetic leather
  • Questionable level of protection in key areas
  • Not designed for small hands/short arms

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Review


Available in multiple sizes, these gloves come from a recognized, up and coming brand of martial arts equipment. They feature triple density foam under artificial leather for protection with minimal expense. The design follows an anatomical curve and includes reinforced palms and fully attached thumb pieces for optimal safety and support. The gloves are also highly stylized, one of Venum’s trademark features, and come in a range of colors.

Venum Challenger 2 Boxing Gloves review

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Customer Sentiment

People state over and over again that these gloves are a good value for the price. However, previous users have a few warnings for potential buyers. First of all, the specific type of artificial leather used for these gloves is a particularly plastic-like variety that has a distinct odor, especially for the first several uses. People also commented on the gloves’ size, and although there is some debate over whether or not the snug fit is a good thing, people do agree that the gloves run a little small. Most people suggested that these gloves are ideal for beginners or those looking to make their first upgrade.


  • Good protection from multiple foam layers
  • Stylish
  • Good wrist support


  • Smell of artificial plastic
  • Sizes run small

Final Thoughts

Finding a good pair of gloves can be difficult, especially on a budget, but it’s important to know that you have options for the best boxing gloves under 50 dollars. While the size of your hand and your preferred fit will dictate much of your choice, manufacturers are aware of the market for economically priced gloves, and it’s entirely possible to get the same quality you would enjoy in a more expensive glove by simply sacrificing a few nonessentials. For example, leather has a long history as the preferred cover for gloves, but modern alternatives can work just as well without breaking the bank. Shop carefully, strike well, and fight hard.

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