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Best Kickboxing Gloves for Women in 2018

Protecting your precious hands is one of the most important aspects of safe kickboxing. Your hands are delicate, no matter how seasoned a kickboxer you are. High-quality gloves are imperative for proper fighting and training. Bruising, fractures, soreness, cuts, and skin irritation are just ...Read More

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag in 2018

Muay Thai is a demanding sport, and training outside of one-on-one practice is essential. In order to hone your skills, build up stamina, and develop strength, you need to train with a heavy bag. Not just any heavy bag will do, though. Muay Thai ...Read More

Top 3 Best MMA Podcasts in 2018

Are you looking for new training tips and tricks? Do you need some new entertainment options? You can get both at the same time by finding a good MMA podcast. Fun, easy to access, and starring familiar UFC stars, podcasts are the way to ...Read More

The Best MMA Diet Plan for You in 2018

The famous saying, “you are what you eat,” isn’t so popular because it isn’t true. In fact, the saying could not be more accurate and it crucial when you train hard. In order to gain muscle and become strong and lean, following a proper ...Read More

Which Nationwide Gyms in the U.S. Offer Martial Arts?

Although there are still many unique schools for the martial arts, many students can find classes in their regular gyms. Some nationwide gym chains offer diverse classes and training to attract a larger customer base, and it isn’t too difficult to find a nationwide ...Read More

Ultimate Martial Arts Glove Guide

Every martial art has the unique protective equipment. Gloves are the most commonly required gear. Without these crucial tools, students can and will develop painful stress injuries early on in their training. The chances for serious injuries dramatically increase without the right gloves, and ...Read More

Best Karate Uniform

What should you look for in a karate uniform? First and foremost, look for quality. How does the stitching stand up? What materials are used in the uniform’s construction? Will the uniform shrink in the wash? Does it stain easily? How long can you ...Read More

Best Kickboxing Gloves

Essentially every martial art incorporates punches, and despite its name, kickboxing is no exception. Unprotected punches, however, can cause serious, lasting damage to both you and your opponent. Even disciplines like kickboxing that heavily utilize lower body strikes require good protection for your hands. ...Read More

Best Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

Muay Thai originated in Thailand, but the martial art is a favorite discipline in many other countries, including nearby Singapore. While the Singapore Muay Thai gym experience is different than Thailand’s Muay Thai camps, they have some of the best programs in the world. ...Read More

What is Martial Arts Good For?

You can find martial arts schools everywhere. Different academies with different disciplines seem to crop up over night, and as much fun as it may look, you may find yourself wondering what, exactly, is so wonderful about martial arts. It seems like a lot ...Read More